adScope Media introduces our new 7.5mm A9 adScreenLED. With higher resolutions and a new 16:9 aspect ratio, the adScreenLED makes a jump over the competition to meet the demands of modern media and the latest video technologies.

Beyond the A9 adScreenLED portable trailer, adScope Media introduces the 7.5mm truss screen for ultimate portability. A truss screen can be shipped to anywhere and setup easily with it's modular panels and portable stands.

In addition to new screens, adScope Media introduced a full production studio to allow wireless streaming of video across many miles. The studio offers professional effects and transitions to provide events with a full multi-camera production without the high costs of the competition.

After a period of research and development, adScope Media proudly introduces their Motivational LED Screen Product to the action sports area. Capturing short "Cheer videos" both on the event grounds and online in their custom gallery, adScope Media offers chip activated motivational messages that play during sport events.