adScope Media begins implementing higher resolution, faster refresh rate, and brighter screens in their LED line-up. 


Big Screen LED TV installations ramp up and adScope Media delivers TV’s to over 14 states in the U.S. Ranging from 6.94mm SMD to 10mm SMD, adScope Media offers a wide variety resolutions for any installation.


With the introduction of faster and brighter high resolution 5.95 LED Panels, adScope Media begins featuring new types of portable products to our clients. From easy setup and break down Truss Screens up to 60’ wide, to DJ LED Stands that can be custom made for any event, adscope Media makes LED products for any event or occasion. 


adScope Media introduces a new portable 2-sided screen, the adScreen Vortex. With a small footprint, wheels for portability and onboard computer / power, the Vortex allows for advertising on-the-go and allows quick and easy storage when not in use.