The market is moving towards higher resolution screens. adScope Media will be offering even higher resolution screens with 3.91mm SMD and 4.8mm SMD outdoor TV options.


adScope Media is teaming up with LINSN LED to become the Master LINSN North America Tech Center. With the power of LINSN, adScope Media can reach a stronger client base and have access to more parts, support, and configurations to supply even more solutions to our customers.


In collaboration with LINSN, adScope Media will provide color correction services for new and existing installations to get the most out of LED screens.


adScope Media is moving into the indoor TV arena with TV and theaters packages featuring an amazing 1.9mm to 3.91mm pitch for high end residential and student dorms.


With a push for all things 3D, adscope Media will be offering new 3D TVs to be viewed without glasses. Stay tuned for updates.


To meet our demands for our 2016 clients, adScope Media is expanding to a larger warehouse base to allow more onsite parts and a larger fleet of our LED portable products.


adscope Media is working to set up regional service centers for providing support to our various installation areas in at least 14 states.