Media Tips

media-1The design of LED pixels allow for full motion and still image playback, but at a lower resolution than a television. To make sure that video and text show properly, pay attention to foreground and background colors as they can change the clarity of your text depending on the distance you are from the screen.

The chart on the left shows examples of foreground and background colors that should be utilized when designing media for playback on an LED screen. Brighter foreground color with a medium to dark background (such as white on blue) offers the highest visibility at far distances.

For the font type, it is recommended to use a block type font. Other fonts can be used, but fancy fonts become difficult to make out at a long distance. Sizing should be fairly large; text that is too small will become blurry and the letters will run into each other. Every program is different in terms of font size, so use your best judgment. 

Below are samples of different fonts and how they look with a good color scheme for LED playback.


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