Big Screen TV's


adScope Media has built Big Screen TV's all over the United States.  From Chicago to Tempe, Arizona, on the Ole Miss campus in Mississippi to Madison, Wisconsin.  We're providing state of the art Big TV's nationwide. Build a Big Screen TV on your campus, in your night club, on your apartment or condo complex.  

adScope Media can build a big screen TV to fit your environment.
• Your community members will enjoy TV sports, full length movies, network TV programs, VJ and DJ play and more!
• Residential events such as Movie Night, Sports at the Pool help create community and resident retention. Connect to Cable TV for rich content choices.
• Play premium sponsor loops and logos, advertising, public and community announcements and more.
• Play live video using video cameras that can be fed via wire or wirelessly directly to the screen.
• adScope Media has technology to allow remote operations of the screen (requires internet access hard wired to the computer in control room).
• adScope Media can collaborate to create a custom advertising package to get a revenue stream for your LED product.

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